Irish Margarita $9

Tullamore Dew, triple sec, simple syrup, fresh lime juice & sour mix with a salted rim

Irish Mule $8

Jameson, ginger beer & fresh lime juice

Fruit Punch $8

Cherry vodka, orange vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice & a splash of grenadine served over ice

Dreamsicle $8

Orange vodka, whipped vodka & orange juice served over ice and topped with whipped cream

Lemon Drop $8

Citrus vodka, fresh lemon juice & simple syrup

Irish Buck $8

Tullamore Dew, fresh lime & ginger ale

Grind White Russian $8

Vodka, Grind Espresso Rum, & heavy cream

Reverie Draft Cocktail $8

Cocktails created locally, especially for you!

Ask your server for our current draft options

Empress Gin Fizz $7

Empress Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, & club soda served over ice

Freedom Bomb $7

Black cherry rum, cranberry juice & Red Bull

Raspberry Green Tea $7

Tullamore Dew, peach schnapps, razzmatazz & sour mix